Reserving Room Blocks

Reserving room blocks is a crucial step to any wedding (especially for bigger weddings, destination weddings, or weddings that have a lot of out-of-town guests). Room blocks are a great way to make your guests accommodations more affordable and easier to access. There are a few key pieces to remember when negotiating room blocks:

There are two main types of room blocks: complimentary and an attrition rate room block.

  1. Complimentary: this is when the hotel does not charge you for any unsold rooms, after their cut-off date for making reservations they will simply open the rooms up to the general public. This is ideally what you would want because you are not financially responsible for any unsold rooms. The only downside is that most hotels won’t do more than 10 rooms for a complimentary room block.
  2. Attrition rate: this is the number of rooms that have to be filled in order to avoid any financial obligations. For example, if you reserve a room block of 100 rooms at $100/night and the hotel gives you an 80% attrition rate then you are financially responsible for up to 80 rooms or $8,000 (if the rooms are not filled). This option works well with larger weddings where you know a lot of people will be booking a hotel room.

The best way to spread the news about your room block (especially if you have an attrition rate and want guests to use up your room block) is to add it to your wedding website! Most hotels will provide a link that you can add to your website to make it extremely easy for your guests. If they do not offer a website link then they more likely than not give you a code/reference number or group block name, which you guests can present to get the discounted rate on your rooms.

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