Viva Las Vegas!

Back in August I went to Vegas for the first time with all of my best college girl friends! Not only was it an amazing trip because it was my first time in Vegas, but even better… it was the first time we got all of the girls together since we graduated and all left good old Lubbock, TX!

We stayed at Caesars Palace, which has the most beautiful rooms (and a GIANT bathtub)! We ate at some amazing restaurants, gambled our way through old Downtown Las Vegas, saw all the sites… but my favorite spot was the pool at Caesars! We rented a Cabana for the day, which by the way is the only way to enjoy a pool day.

This is the amazing view from our hotel room!

The best part of the pool was under that giant balcony. Nestled under there is not only a bar, but they also have card tables IN THE WATER! we played a few rounds and soaked up all the free drinks possible at the pool.

Our Cabana was at the main pool and included sodas, waters, chips, a fruit platter, towels and a waitress! Not only did we have this lovely indoor seating with fans and a TV, we also had outside seating and misters!

As far as I’m concerned Cabana’s are the only way to enjoy a pool day. This is what I want to do on every vacation that I have. Where are the best pools/cabanas that you’ve been to?? I’m on the hunt now!


XO, Natalie Alexandra


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