Magic Light Trick

GUYS! I found the most genius hack ever (thanks to Brooke). For this addition to our master bedroom we are going to explore the Magic Light Trick, and I swear this will be life changing for you too.


The great thing about the Magic Light Trick is that you can literally use it for ANYTHING. You could use it under your kitchen cabinets, in closets, in deep drawers and my favorite, in sconces.

If you’re renting your space you are constantly looking for a way to update the drab wall colors and floors that you’re stuck with. These no-wiring required sconces are the perfect addition (and I mean even if you own your home who really wants to pay all that money to get your wiring done for a few sconces).

I got these sconces from Amazon for $12 a piece!! They are strong and sturdy and are made of really nice material, you would never guess that they were only $12! Now the “magic” part comes from these puck lights! They were $10 for a set of 3 that also came with a remote and command strips.


It was SO easy to install these! First I just put the sconces together from the instructions in the package. I did save all of the extra hardware and wires incase we decide to every hard-install them when we buy a house, but since I’m not hard-wiring these now I just tucked the wires behind the black hardware and screwed them into wall (you would never know they’re not hard-wired based off of how they look). Then you literally just stick the command strip onto the back of the light and pop them into the sconces!

Go follow along on my instagram (@nataliealexandrablog) where you can see in my stories how I describe the Magic Light Trick and you can see how they look in person!

You can’t tell that you’re using a puck light unless you are right up underneath them, they are so great! My remote also came with a dimmer and timer setting which is SO nice!

If you decide to try this out tag me in and let me know, I want to see where you decide to use your Magic Light Trick!


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