A Fresh New Summer Tablescape

Summer is in full effect in Arizona with temps already in the 110’s (sigh)… with the weather almost being too hot even for a pool day I wanted a light, bright and airy tablescape for Summer! Our breakfast nook is the first thing you see when you walk in from the garage door, which is where we come in from everyday after work. Since this is the first thing we see after a long day of work I wanted to embody something that was refreshing and light. I think that I got pretty close to my idea through this tabelscape!


I found pretty much everything that I needed from HomeGoods, Trader Joe’s and some other items I had just lying around the house. The entire refresh cost me just around $50 which I don’t think is too bad. I scoured the sale endcaps at HomeGoods to find the wooden and marble cake stand, white bowl and white plates. I did pay full price for the place matts and napkins, but for a set of 4 for each was only $6.99!

The lemons and flowers are from Trader Joe’s (and yes I will actually use the lemons). Kirby complained that he didn’t want to spend $6 on lemons “for show”… *insert eye roll emoji here*! Does anybody else have a boyfriend/fiance/husband who just doesn’t understand?! Well I will resue the lemons… I like to use lemons a lot in cooking and in my vodka soda’s with some La Croix!

I don’t know why but summer is always such a hard time for me decor wise. I never quite know what “summer decor” is supposed to look like (because all you see are cheesy beach decor at every store). So tell me, how are you updating your home decor for  a summer refresh?

Since you can’t link product form HomeGoods online I’ve linked a few similar product below. Click the image to shop this post!

XO, Natalie Alexandra


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