Blueberry Cucumber Moscow Mules

I mentioned recently on my Instagram my new found love (well really a rediscovered love) of Moscow Mules. I am a long time lover, but this was one of Kirby’s first Moscow Mules! I’ve been trying to stay away from wine recently and have switched to being a vodka soda type of gal.

I love a good vodka and La Croix but this past weekend I wanted something with a little POW. I decided to give Moscow Mules a try because they are the easiest cocktail to make at home. Kirby (to my surprise) told me that he had NEVER had a Moscow Mule so I made him a classic Mule.

That got me thinking… what would make a great twist on a a classic Moscow Mule? I LOVE blueberries and cucumbers, so I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you… it’s delicious and so refreshing on these hot Arizona summer days!

STEP ONE: Add cucumbers and blueberries to the bottom of a copper mug and muddle.

STEP TWO: Add one shot of vodka of your choice (I recommend Tito’s but this time around we used the ol’ faithful Kirkland brand).

STEP THREE: Fill the mug up almost to the top with ice.

STEP FOUR: Top the ice with your choice of ginger beer. Trader Joe’s has a great (and affordable) option that is pretty good!

STEP FIVE: Squeeze the juice of one half lime on top and give it a good stir!

STEP SIX: Top with blueberries, cucumbers, sit back and ENJOY!

Let me know if you make this recipe and what you think about it! There are a TON of different variations or fruit combos that you can try here so pick some of your favorites and get creative!

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XO, Natalie Alexandra