A Fresh New Summer Tablescape

Summer is in full effect in Arizona with temps already in the 110’s (sigh)… with the weather almost being too hot even for a pool day I wanted a light, bright and airy tablescape for Summer! Our breakfast nook is the first thing you see when you walk in from the garage door, which is where we come in from everyday after work. Since this is the first thing we see after a long day of work I wanted to embody something that was refreshing and light. I think that I got pretty close to my idea through this tabelscape!


I found pretty much everything that I needed from HomeGoods, Trader Joe’s and some other items I had just lying around the house. The entire refresh cost me just around $50 which I don’t think is too bad. I scoured the sale endcaps at HomeGoods to find the wooden and marble cake stand, white bowl and white plates. I did pay full price for the place matts and napkins, but for a set of 4 for each was only $6.99!

The lemons and flowers are from Trader Joe’s (and yes I will actually use the lemons). Kirby complained that he didn’t want to spend $6 on lemons “for show”… *insert eye roll emoji here*! Does anybody else have a boyfriend/fiance/husband who just doesn’t understand?! Well I will resue the lemons… I like to use lemons a lot in cooking and in my vodka soda’s with some La Croix!

I don’t know why but summer is always such a hard time for me decor wise. I never quite know what “summer decor” is supposed to look like (because all you see are cheesy beach decor at every store). So tell me, how are you updating your home decor for  a summer refresh?

Since you can’t link product form HomeGoods online I’ve linked a few similar product below. Click the image to shop this post!

XO, Natalie Alexandra


Magic Light Trick

GUYS! I found the most genius hack ever (thanks to Brooke). For this addition to our master bedroom we are going to explore the Magic Light Trick, and I swear this will be life changing for you too.


The great thing about the Magic Light Trick is that you can literally use it for ANYTHING. You could use it under your kitchen cabinets, in closets, in deep drawers and my favorite, in sconces.

If you’re renting your space you are constantly looking for a way to update the drab wall colors and floors that you’re stuck with. These no-wiring required sconces are the perfect addition (and I mean even if you own your home who really wants to pay all that money to get your wiring done for a few sconces).

I got these sconces from Amazon for $12 a piece!! They are strong and sturdy and are made of really nice material, you would never guess that they were only $12! Now the “magic” part comes from these puck lights! They were $10 for a set of 3 that also came with a remote and command strips.


It was SO easy to install these! First I just put the sconces together from the instructions in the package. I did save all of the extra hardware and wires incase we decide to every hard-install them when we buy a house, but since I’m not hard-wiring these now I just tucked the wires behind the black hardware and screwed them into wall (you would never know they’re not hard-wired based off of how they look). Then you literally just stick the command strip onto the back of the light and pop them into the sconces!

Go follow along on my instagram (@nataliealexandrablog) where you can see in my stories how I describe the Magic Light Trick and you can see how they look in person!

You can’t tell that you’re using a puck light unless you are right up underneath them, they are so great! My remote also came with a dimmer and timer setting which is SO nice!

If you decide to try this out tag me in and let me know, I want to see where you decide to use your Magic Light Trick!

Friendsmas + A Dining Room Table Makeover

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year! The only thing that can make Christmas even better is hosting a Friendsmas! If it’s even possible, hosting would be one of my love languages. I love the prep, the rush, the cleaning, the cooking, the organizing and of course the staging and designing. Everything about hosting close friends makes me so, so happy!


Christmas this year will be a little different for us so we are making the most of the season while we can! Kirby will be going home to Houston and I’ll be in Phoenix still for work so we decided we needed to have our nice Christmas dinner before Kirby left, and the only way we could make that any better would be by inviting two of our very best friends over to enjoy it with us.




On the menu for Friendsmas I tried a lot of new recipes, and a few that I’ve really come to love around the Holidays. First up, the appetizer! Now, I have to give my friends Brie & Tyler the props here because they found this recipe and made the appetizer for us. Man oh man was it delicious! This is going to become one of my new go-to appetizers for dinner parties. This appetizer is a Roasted Brussel Sprout and 3 Cheese Crostini (click on any photo below to see where I got the recipe).



For the main course we did a Garlic Rosemary Pork Loin, Slow Cooker Buttery Herbed Mashed Potatoes (this actually was a mashup of two recipes, find one here and the other here), Oven Roasted Vegetables with a Maple Glaze and of course my family’s favorite, some good old fashioned Sister Schubert Rolls.




Lastly, the most important part of a Friendsmas, the dessert!! A pretty well known fact about me is my love for Hallmark Chanel, but what people don’t typically know is that even more than the Christmas movies, I LOVE their program Home & Family. If you’re not familiar, it’s similar to a talk show but it’s everything Christmas! They have crafts, decor, recipes and tips and tricks for the season. Well, I got this amazing recipe for a Red Velvet Hot Chocolate Cake while watching Home & Family.


Now, the funny thing is that we almost didn’t have a table to eat our dinner on at all… Kirby and I got this kitchen table (for free!) about 6 months ago with the intent to redo it. Well, life got in the way and we kept putting it off until I randomly got the urge to get started about a week ago. I moved it into the garage and got to sanding. It was a slow project that we would work on for a day and then not touch for a few days, until it was two days before Friendsmas and we realized that we HAD to get it done or we would all be eating on the floor. I guess that was the nudge that we needed because we finally finished the table the morning of Friendsmas! Granted, we don’t have the seat cushions reupholstered yet but at least we had somewhere to eat!

Take a look at it now and keep scrolling down to see the before!



Before Table

I am by no means a DIY expert, actually I’m very far from that. One of my favorite bloggers, Nesting with Grace, always says that the goal isn’t to be perfect but to be better than before and that is exactly what I wanted to do here!

I hope this inspired you to get out there and host your friends or remake something in your home, but more importantly not to strive for perfection but to make your home better than before for YOU!

Anthropologie Spring Favorites

If you don’t already know, I’m the Home Department Manager at my local Anthropologie. I’m constantly surrounded by so much inspiration and beautiful products, and I wanted to share some of my favorite spring favorites with y’all! Here we go –



Some of my favorite staple spring pieces are jumpsuits, rompers and dresses. Living in the sunny state of Arizona it is HOT. Having a romper or dress to throw on that is lightweight is a saving grace, and it’s even better when it’s a done-for-you polished outfit. One easy step and you’re ready to go!

I’m also super into stripes (not just spring, pretty much year round)! The Paperbag-Waisted Striped Pants are like WOW. And of course you’ve got to add in some peasant blouses and tunics.

Farm Rio Lila Maxi Dress • $198
LAIA Germain Embroidered Tunic Dress • $188
Mes Demoiselles Nautical Peasant Top • Mes Demoiselles • $205
Cloth & Stone Juliana Jumper • Cloth & Stone • $138
Burning Torch Painterly Cactus Graphic Tee • Burning Torch • $128
Akemi + Kin Veria Peplum Tunic • $88
4OUR Dreamers Paperbag-Waisted Striped Pants • $118
Anthropologie Priscilla Striped Kimono • Anthropologie • $78
Maeve Breanna Polka Dot Wrap Dress • Maeve • $168



For me, it’s hard to insert color into my home (and honestly my wardrobe)! I picked a few home products that are a little out of my comfort zone but that I am really into!

The Sabrina Indoor/Outdoor pillow is so great! It’s weather-resistant and has a great texture. I love weather-resistant pillows not only for outdoors, but because if you are using it in your living room it help protects from that occasional red wine spill… or is that just me? Ha!

I also wanted to highlight Anthropologies new melamine storage bowls!! Every year there is some form of melamine at Anthro but this year the new patterns are also featured on these storage bowls and I love it! These are so great for picnics or packing lunches to go to the pool – and they’ve got the best patterns to get you in the spring/summer mood.

Anthropologie Sabrina Indoor/Outdoor Pillow • Anthropologie • $128
Anthropologie Succulent Bookend • Anthropologie • $68
Blakely Made Sunscene Melamine Storage Bowl • $12
Anthropologie Elana Dinner Plate • Anthropologie • $18
Anthropologie Tasseled Araya Duvet Cover • Anthropologie • $268
Anthropologie Sun Porch Pot • Anthropologie • $26–88
Illume Knotwork LA Etched Ceramic Candle • $26
Anthropologie Antigua Hanging Basket • Anthropologie • $98
Anthropologie Ridged Pot • Anthropologie • $16



 Comment below your favorite Spring products!