Weekend Getaway: Flagstaff Favorites

This past weekend Kirby and I went on a mini weekend getaway to one of our favorite places, Flagstaff, AZ! It’s only about a 2 hour drive from where we live in Mesa which makes it such an easy, quick trip. We decided to go on a whim to try and escape the heat that’s settled in here in Mesa.

One of our favorite things about going up North is the chance to actually hike outside in the summer! In Mesa/Phoenix in June it is just not an option starting around May (and sometimes lasting all the way through October/November). We wanted to take full advantage of the weather so we decided to stop in Sedona, AZ on our trip up North for a GORGEOUS hike.

^^Phillip was a such a good sport! She got a little tired towards the end but did such a great job on our 4 mile hike for such a small dog.

We use the app All Trails to find most of our hikes, It’s great because you can see reviews, photos,  distances, if it’s pet friendly and how difficult it is. We chose Chapel Trail to Broken Arrow Trail to Mystic Trail loop. Sedona has some of the most beautiful hikes. The red rocks are stunning and I love the mix of true dessert and mountain scenery that blend together.

At the very end of our hike we ended up right underneath the Chapel of the Holy Cross and it was such a sunning view! After our hike in Sedona we rewarded ourselves, and Phillip, with an ice cream cone and set off for Flagstaff. We checked into our hotel, took a quick shower and nap, and got ready to hit up some of our tried and true favorites!

There is nothing better in this world than sitting on a patio in 65 degree weather with a Mother Road beer and Fratelli’s pizza. I kid you not, if you have not done this YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Do yourself a favor (whether you’re an AZ local or not) and take a trip down to Flagstaff, if for nothing else at least for this magical moment.

We enjoyed some beers and our classic fav, a sausage and ricotta pizza. What makes this patio even better is the fact that they’re not only dog friendly, but all of the staff absolutely adore the pups there! Phillip got so many pets and treats, she was just as happy as us.

We ended the night at a new spot for us, Vino Loco. It was such a cute, intimate and cool little place! They had a great selection of games, beer, wine and bottles to take home. We had so much fun relaxing on the patio with Phillip, playing a little Yahtzee (and yes, I won!). We called it a night and took a bottle of their wine home with us!

The next morning we did a small nature walk, also found on All Trails, to take in the cool morning weather. The walk we chose was called the Little America Loop. It was only 2 miles and was pretty flat the whole time, but it was a nice easy walk with some beautiful trees and flowers.

After our walk we went to breakfast at the Toasted Owl (highly recommend!!). Once again, they have a great pet friendly patio (are you seeing a theme here in Flagstaff?) and killer food. I got the chorizo and black bean breakfast tacos and they were so good!

After breakfast we spent a little time walking around downtown and checking out all of the little shops that Flagstaff has to offer.  A few of our favorites were the Bright Side Book Shop and the Bow Wow Boutique (where we bought Phillip her new booties, which are so funny to watch her walk around in)!

We had such a great trip, it was so hard to come back to the 100 degree heat in Mesa! Flagstaff will always be one of our favorite little escapes. We are counting down the days until were able to make it out there again!

Have you ever been to Flagstaff? What other places do we have to try out?? We would love any and all recommendations!


XO, Natalie Alexandra



Viva Las Vegas!

Back in August I went to Vegas for the first time with all of my best college girl friends! Not only was it an amazing trip because it was my first time in Vegas, but even better… it was the first time we got all of the girls together since we graduated and all left good old Lubbock, TX!

We stayed at Caesars Palace, which has the most beautiful rooms (and a GIANT bathtub)! We ate at some amazing restaurants, gambled our way through old Downtown Las Vegas, saw all the sites… but my favorite spot was the pool at Caesars! We rented a Cabana for the day, which by the way is the only way to enjoy a pool day.

This is the amazing view from our hotel room!

The best part of the pool was under that giant balcony. Nestled under there is not only a bar, but they also have card tables IN THE WATER! we played a few rounds and soaked up all the free drinks possible at the pool.

Our Cabana was at the main pool and included sodas, waters, chips, a fruit platter, towels and a waitress! Not only did we have this lovely indoor seating with fans and a TV, we also had outside seating and misters!

As far as I’m concerned Cabana’s are the only way to enjoy a pool day. This is what I want to do on every vacation that I have. Where are the best pools/cabanas that you’ve been to?? I’m on the hunt now!


XO, Natalie Alexandra

Mini Weekend Getaway to Flagstaff, AZ


This past weekend we decided to pack up our pup Phillip and hit the road to Flagstaff, AZ to escape the Phoenix heat (kind of). Although it was only slightly cooler (around a 90 degree high), it made all the difference! We drove up mid-afternoon on Saturday after a quick stop to the Farmer’s Market for some yummy snacks.


We drove straight to a small trail, Tom Moody Trail. It was short, easy and dog friendly so we thought it would be a great place to start. It started out promising  but boy were we wrong…


After getting about 1/2 way in our poor little pork-chop, Phillip, decided to lay down and that was the end. Kirby, being the great dog-dad that he is literally had to carry her the rest of the way back to the car… It’s pretty clear that Phillip may need a tad more exercise.


After we dropped the pork chop off at our hotel for a much deserved nap, we headed out to explore downtown Flagstaff on our bikes! Our first stop was Mother Road Brewing Company. I’ve got to admit that I’m not the biggest beer fan but I really enjoyed the Mother Road! The beer was great, the outdoor patio was pup friendly and they had one restaurant that you could order in from, and one that showed up at 4:30PM and did table service.


After Mother Road we headed out to find Dark Sky Brewing. DSB was located in the coolest building that was also dog friendly, had lots of games and a food truck on site! I love the atmosphere here. After a beer here we headed back out on our bikes to hangout at our hotel with Phil.


Sunday morning we slept in a little and then loaded up and checked out. We took Phillip with us to May’s European Coffee House and Bakery (not pictured: delicious iced lattes and dirt chai’s). After a quick breakfast we walked around downtown a bit and then hit the road!


Of course before getting back to Phoenix, we had to make one last stop at the scenic view for a few good selfies. It was a short, sweet (less than 24 hour) vacay to beat the rut of getting stuck inside during the very hot Phoenix summers!


Weekend Away in ABQ, New Mexico

Cover photo

This past weekend I traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico with my roommate Kassie. The idea to go to ABQ started way back in February when we bought tickets to see Hozier live at the Sandia Resort and Casino in ABQ. Little did we know we were in for a treat because the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was going on the same weekend! So, not only did we get to see the Irish love of our life, Hozier, but we also got to experience the world’s premiere balloon event (and my boo-thing came to ABQ to spend the weekend with us as well)!








I would definitely recommend 1) going to see Hozier any chance you get and 2) going to the Balloon Fiesta next year, the views are spectacular and are definitely worth the less-than expensive tickets to get in. If you ever find yourself in ABQ you need to stop by the Canteen Brewhouse for some awesome beer, food and a great outdoor patio! Some other fun/delicious stops would include Frontier Restaurant, Blake’s Lotaburger, and Satellite Coffee.

*All photo’s are taken via my iPhone (sorry for the terrible quality)