My Current Favorite Podcasts

I almost never listen to music anymore… I am ADDICTED to podcasts! I’m fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to listen to podcasts occasionally and it makes the day so. much. better. I listen to a lot of different podcasts and it’s almost comical how different the genres are.

I love a good business podcast run by a #girlboss, financial podcasts (to help keep me in check), arts and entertainment podcasts and my guilty pleasure… true crime podcasts! Since they are all so different it was hard to just pick a few, so I’ve listed my favorite out by genre.


Arts and Entertainment & Financial 

  1. Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin – I LOVE how open, honest and vulnerable Jana and Mike are. They talk about everything from marriage, parenting, moving, therapy… literally everything that comes up in normal day life. They offer great advice and are so open with all of their own struggles and triumphs!
  2. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard – I have to admit… this podcast has made me develop a DEEP love of Dax Shepard. I’ve always liked him but now I LOVE him. Listening to him and Monica (his minny-mouse sidekick) during their fact check is my favorite thing. They interview some really interesting people and Dax just has a way of making you feel like you’re in the room talking with them too.
  3. The Dave Ramsey Show – Dave is a no BS kind of guy… seriously some of the people that call in just make me CRINGE because I know what Dave is going to say, but he always tells it how it is. He’s not going to make you feel better about your poor money choices, he’s going to tell you what’s what so that you get it together! When I’m feeling that I’ve derailed from my financial plan he’s the “dad” I need to hear to kick my butt into gear!
  4. The Rachel Cruze Show – Rachel Cruze is Dave’s daughter and has the same great mind for financial planning. I love listening to Rachel’s show because she relates her topics to the typical girl just living life, trying to save some money. She has guests on that talk about how to save money grocery shopping, cheap recipes, how to be frugal when shopping and so much more!
  5. How I Built This with Guy Raz – This is just a plain, entertaining podcast! Guy interviews such a wide array of guests, all who have built a major business. It is so interesting to hear the stories behind the brands you know and love. I would have never guessed that some of the companies I thought were just popular overnight came from NOTHING. Also, I just love Guy’s voice… it’s so soothing!

Business – #GIRLBOSS

  1. The Influencer Podcast – If you’ve ever wondered how to become an influencer, what an influencer does or how to grow your following… Julie Solomn is your girl! She is a wealth of knowledge who is always giving out freebies and little nuggets of gold for you and your business! (Funny fact: Julie is married to Johnathon Schaech who is Jana Kramer’s ex-husband… and they’re all best friends!)
  2. The Goal Digger Podcast – Jenna Kutcher is a wedding photographer turned self-made millionaire and is now teaching everyone just how she did it! I love Jenna’s down-to-earth spirit and her genuine willingness to help everyone better themselves. She not only hosts a great podcast but teaches so many great courses on her website as well.
  3. RISE Podcast – You have definitely heard about her New York Times Best Sellers, Girl Was Your Face and Girl Stop Apologizing, but have you heard of her amazing podcast – RISE? Rachel Hollis is breaking it down to get to the center of it all. She is so real and vulnerable about everything she goes through and then relates it to her audience and how we can get through it to. She’s also another boss babe that made her own empire!

True Crime Podcasts

  1. My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark – I feel like you live under a rock if you haven’t hear about MFM… but if by some chance you haven’t, go listen now! They paved the way for true crime podcasts with a comedic twist. They are hilarious and their banter is the best!
  2. Crime Junkie – I love Ash and Brit! They have really well researched episodes and I feel like I’m getting the whole story when I’m with them. They have good banter but keep it to a minimum which I appreciate! You can really find yourself getting lost in the story.
  3. Sinisterhood – One of the reasons Sinisterhood is a true fav is because they’re based out of my hometown, Dallas, TX! Sinisterhood is a refreshing twist on true crime because they sprinkle in some mythology, cults and just other creepy things.
  4. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast – I just started listening to Morbid and I have been BINGING! They have a good mix of true crime stories and I’ve noticed that I haven’t heard a lot of the crimes they’re talking about – which is SO nice because when you’re as obsessed with true crime podcasts as I am, you start to hear a lot of the some crimes over and over again.


Although I clearly have A LOT of favorites… I am always looking for more recommendations! What are some of your favorites?


XO, Natalie Alexandra